What kind of books do you prefer?

English writer, poet, philologist, professor at Oxford University John Ronald Ruel Tolkien is best known for the works of "high fantasy" "The Hobbit, or There and Back", "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Silmarillion". In 2009, the American magazine Forbes named him the fifth among the dead celebrities with the biggest income. And it's not surprising. Such worlds as Tolkien could not create yet to anyone. He delays into the jungle of the existence of the hobbits. Reading the works of Tolkien you start yourself, involuntarily, to feel yourself a mysterious creature. No less known to the world is the English writer Susan Collins. She is known to the public as the creator of the youth television series "The Chronicles of the Underdark" and "Hunger Games." The circulation of the first two novels of the trilogy The Hunger Games, which became bestsellers, exceeded 2 million copies. In addition to writing books, Susan is the author of a script of many children's programs and cartoons, as well as books for children. But her famous books were made for the adult public. The surprising accuracy and subtlety of the transfer of the fantastic world drags out that it is impossible to stop and close the book. In our library you can download the books of these and other authors for free.