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by K'Aliyah Knight
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Envy: A Twisted Taste of Seduction by K'Aliyah Knight
K'Aliyah Knight
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Rameer Banner is fine as hell, with buku money, and the sex will make you delirious. He's the kinda dude that gets what he wants, when he wants. He owns it. After 8 years of Rameer playing with her heart, Ki is done. Forget the sex, she's moving on, or so she tries. Getting away from Rameer gets easier when a handsome detective catches her attention. But Ki can't move on, Rameer isn't having that. Will trying to let go cost her more than love...? Take a wild ride with these Crazy and Sexy Vampires and get the thrill of your Life. A Twisted Taste of Seduction will leave you wet with envy. *****Explicit Content***** Just a taste of the sweetest honey from between my thick brown thighs makes Rameer go crazy. Soon as his thick lips graze my two other lips I can hear a purr from deep within his muscular body. Then those got damn French kisses to my clit, make my back arch even more. I’m humming and sighing and cussing under my breath. Rameer takes it as a hint, and dips his tongue deeper into my pussy as if there's no way he could ever get enough. A cool sea breeze flows through the midnight black sky. It's after hours at the Farris wheel in Santa Monica and we're hundreds of feet from the ground on the cabby at the tippy top. And I'm loving every moment of him loving me as I sit back, with the love of my life kneeling before me. I clutch my chest and if my heart still had a beat, it woulda skipped one or maybe two. Pure adrenaline and a taste for sex have replaced the blood in my body. Every tingling of desire goes straight back down to my pussy as he licks and twirls his tongue inside of me. Feels so good that I squeeze his buff shoulders straight through his cream suit. Then his lips pull away, and in the moonlight I notice how glossy they are. His entire black goatee is drenched with the sweet nectar he loves to delight in. “Don't stop.” My red manicured fingers go to his smooth bald head and I command this handsome man back to my honey walls. Now my man is always dressed to a T. His royal blue and cream colored Stacy Adams set off his swag, so you know he’s the type that owns it. But this moment is all about me. He yanks at his tie, loosening it and again, his head gets to bobbing, my smooth chocolate body gets to rocking. “Rameer, bae,” I try to get his attention starting sweet at first, and then getting a little hood with it. “Aye, mannn, fuck me! I can't wait!” His lips again move away from my pussy. He dips two fingers inside of me. “Damn, Ki, you super wet.” “Yes! Bae, now...” My body is scorched with an imaginary fire and his dick is the only remedy. Except, this dude loves to ignore me and do his own thing. He starts to kiss my other two lips again, playing me. But I get brand new on him. I ain’t the girl he once knew, so I snap, “Dude give me the dick or get ghost. Besides, I'm getting hungry.” “Nah, lil’ mama. I'm starving.” Rameer speaks so hard that it steels the breeze from the ocean. Then his fangs extract and he bites into the artery within my inner thigh. My mouth opens wide, and it hurts so bad, feels so muthafucking good that I can’t even scream. The sigh is stuck deep in my throat and comes out as a murmur. That instant pain is gone, and Lawd, I lose myself as he sucks my blood. He feasts on my artery, and he fucks me oh so rapidly with those two muthafucking fingers. Two strong, powerful fingers that still are nothing to his super long, thick vampire dick. But greedy as I am, I cum just as my owner desires.

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